Securlok toolholders
100% chuck security

The ‘Gewefa Securlok’ toolholder is a hydraulic chuck that, with the addition of a failsafe second mechanical side clamping mecha- nism, provides 100% tool shank and process security.

For general and heavy duty milling operations in titanium, compos- ites and ISO S rated materials often used in airframe manufacture, Securlok withstands radial and axial forces on the cutting tool - forces that are likely to create conditions with the potential for the cutter to slip or pull out.

• Guaranteed concentricity - within 0.003mm TIR maximum

• Anti-vibration dampening ensures longer cutter life

• Completely sealed to prevent swarf or coolant ingress

- UNIVERSAL - for use with standard Weldon Flat or Whistle Notch cutters; You are not tied to any one cutter supplier
Uses standard DIN cutters ...
Total process security ...
Guaranteed concentricity ...
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